Your ultimate destination for premium, fresh chicken selections!

Unforgettable culinary experiences begin with top-quality ingredients. Over the past three decades, JidoriĀ® Chicken has proudly served as the exclusive poultry provider for renowned chefs in Los Angeles and around the globe. Now, the secret is no longer exclusive to the culinary elite ā€“ as a passionate food enthusiast, you can now have the finest chicken delivered straight to your doorstep or restaurant, just like our Michelin-starred chefs do.

**ENJOY COMPLIMENTARY REGIONAL SHIPPING (available in most areas of California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah) ON ORDERS OVER $80! (LIMITED-TIME OFFER)**

**Please note: We ship exclusively on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. For any special requests, feel free to reach out to our customer service team.**

  • The Crack Shack

    We are not your average restaurant ā€”and this is not your average chicken.

  • Gelson's Markets

    Exclusivley in the meat counter!

  • Mitsuwa Marketplace

    Mitsuwa is one of our biggest supporter since day one. Always carring the highest quality poultry and products.

  • Spago

    There will be no JiDORI chicken WIthout the help of Wolfgang. His fine dining restuarants put our delicous chicken on the map.

Where we are today?

Over the past few decades, our growth has been steady, with a focus on distributing our products through a network of partners. As the only remaining USDA-inspected live poultry processor in Los Angeles, we take pride in our meticulous craftsmanship. Leveraging our broad distributor network, Jidori ChickenĀ® has expanded its influence well beyond Southern California, making its way to establishments in Las Vegas casinos, restaurants throughout the Northwest, Arizona, and Hawaii. Additionally, you'll find our presence on select cruise lines and airlines. For the latest updates, delve into our recent press coverage.