In the early 90's, where our food came from; how our animals were raised or captured was often a mystery and not many people cared to know. However, with the advent of the internet, knowledge about food became more accessible. Consumers became smarter.

I was personally running live "free-range" chickens from the Los Angeles suburb of Lancaster to my small processing plant located near downtown LA. During that time, I built relationships with many sous chefs at the best restaurants in town, and many happened to be Japanese. That is how I came up with "Jidori Chicken®" a Japanese term which loosely translates into "Chicken of the Earth." From here, I was able to take my dilapidated corner poultry butcher into the premier supplier of the freshest poultry to the greatest chefs in Los Angeles.

My unbelievable fortune was also meeting two unbelievably talented chefs, Wolfgang Puck and Nobu Matsuhisa. Although famous in Los Angeles in the early 90s, they had yet to achieve international acclaim. I owe much of my success to their success. All their sous chefs that went on to open their own restaurants always gave me a call to get Jidori Chicken®. Gratitude.

- Dennis Mao, Owner


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