let's together try to reduce the suffering...

The protein industry has its controversy and we here at JiDORI are no exception. The fact is feeding the public is difficult and for many, our job appears cruel that promotes needless suffering for the animals we raise. We agree that this industry has issues but as we evolve and learn from our mistakes we will improve. The most obvious thing we have learned from the decades of working with live chickens that make the ultimate sacrifice for our benefit is that this single act that we can all do to reduce animal suffering and cruelty is so simple, PLEASE don't waste food! Especially the innocent animals that have suffered for us to be your dinner. It is estimated that we waste 40% or more of our food supply; and that includes the chickens that are sold by us and all the other poultry sold over America. This simple gesture of not throwing away your half eaten chicken will greatly reduce animal suffering more than any other action we can do; and much more than the attacks on our industry by animal rights groups. Not only will there be less animal suffering, but the earth will thank us too... So please DONT WASTE FOOD!

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