We offer 3 different grades to meet your needs:

NON-GMO Chickens means these chickens are raised Free Range and never ever given antibiotics. The feed is 100% vegetarian soy and corn based and 100% NON-GMO. This grade is the most popular with restaurants and Chefs because they taste great, are raised with care, and fed a healthy diet, while also being cost conscious.

Organic Chickens means we feed these chickens a 100% certified organic feed, and the farm and processing plant are certified to handle Organic chicken as well. We follow the Organic standards of the USDA. These standards means the feed, the farm, and the processing plant do not use any pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, toxic chemicals or any other contaminant to raise and process your chicken. They are also raised free-range.

Pasture Raised Chickens are raised in Southern California by PastureBird Farms. They are raised under moving houses and are allowed to supplement their diet with bugs and grass that they can forage on the ground. Visit to find out more.

All our products are perfect for your healthy homemade dog treats and meals. We offer special bulk packs for dogs.

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