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Unlike 99% of your chicken suppliers on the internet, Jidori®  Chicken actually works daily with our farmers and processes all our chickens at our own processing facility... EVERYDAY. This is the most direct line of "farm to your table" there is; NO MIDDLEMAN!  Jidori® Chicken also offers different grades and price points to meet everyone's needs. Supermarket and internet sold chickens are often weeks or months old and defrosted and refrozen several times to stay saleable. That is not FRESH! With Jidori® Chicken you are guaranteed a true farm fresh  chicken delivered just days after processing. Elevate your chicken game and order today!

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  • Order by 6 PM to ship your order out the next business day. Delivery available Tuesday to Saturday.** **Saturday delivery subject to availability by area.
  • Order is sent to one of our great in house butchers.
  • All cuts are from the same harvest date & individually inspected by our quality assurance team. 
  • After inspection, chicken is vacuumed packed, labeled, & weighed.
  • Chicken is chilled to 22°F before its packaged for shipping.
  • All orders are packed in a Styrofoam box with frozen gel packs for guarantee freshness up to 50 hours.
  • Depending on location & shipping method orders will be delivered in 1 to 2 business days. 
  • You can refrigerate the chicken for 5 days from when you received your order or you can freeze and use at a later date. 



Our chickens will be delivered to your door within days of processing (usually 3 days). Your chicken will arrive still cold (with an internal temperature between 40° to 50° F) and ready to cook; or store in your refrigerator or freezer. Unlike chicken's in your supermarket or other poultry companies online, Jidori® Chickens are not held in our freezer waiting for customers to order; we process chickens daily and ship out immediately, thus guaranteeing the freshest chicken available on the internet. Your family will taste the difference right away. At this time we only have two different "GRADES". Choose from NON-GMO or ORGANIC.

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